HOW TO: Create an ODBC connection to the Firebird database
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You want to create an ODBC connection to the Columbus Database (Firebird) to  create custom queries. The following manual guides you step-by-step through the configuration procedure of the Firebird ODBC client.

More Information

  1. Download the most recent ODBC connector form the following Website (32- or  64bit)
  2. Install the ODBC driver (e.g. Firebird_ODBC_2.0.0.148_win32.exe) -  default install
  3. Goto the Administrative Tools and open the ODBC  Manager "Data Sources (ODBC)"
  4. Create a System DSN (Click Add...)
  5. Choose Firebird/Interbase driver and click Finish
  6. Configure the settings according to the picture below:
    DSN: Specify the name for the DSN, that's  the name you need to access it from any ODBC source like MS Access
    Driver: IscDbc (always)
    Description: Description to identify your  connection, if you have multiple connections (optional)
    Database:  <servername>:<local path to Columbus database> (use localhost if you  install ODBC on the same machine as Columbus database)
    Client:  C:\Windows\System32\gds32.dll (if you have Columbus installed and on a 32bit  machine
    Warning: If you are using a 64bit machine you need  to install the 64bit Firebird client and set the Client dll to: c:\windows\system32\fbclient.dll (64bit dll)
    DB account: COLUMBUSRO (use  this read only account to avoid data loss) - The password can be set in the  Coumbus Management Console
  7. Test the connection before you save the  connection by pressing OK 

    Now you can use the ODBC connection with  all ODBC enabled applications.


ODBC, Firebird, Access, Reports


C6, C7, OM3, OM4


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