Featured Article HOW TO: configure a DHCP Server for PXE if running on Columbus server
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The Remote Boot service requires that a DHCP server be installed in your network


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The DHCP server initiates the communication between the Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) client device and the Remote Boot server, allowing the client device to retrieve network IP configuration and the necessary image information from the server.

The following list shows the DHCP requirements for the Remote Boot service:



  •  The DHCP server must be configured with a static IP address.
  •  The DHCP server must have an assigned IP address range.
  •  Exclusion ranges for all devices on the network that do not support DHCP should be entered.
  •  IP address reservations should be created as needed.


By default, the Remote Boot Service binds to port 67 and to port 4011, and the DHCP service binds to port 67.


* If you choose to configure Remote Boot service and DHCP to reside on the same server, you must configure the Remote Boot service to communicate using a port that does not conflict with DHCP.


- From the Remote Boot manager tool, verify that the Use DHCP Port (67) option has NOT been selected. You must also configure DHCP to include the server option 60. The following command lines show how to configure DHCP to include server option 60.


netsh dhcp server add optiondef 60 PXEClient string 0 PXEClient comment=PXE Support

netsh dhcp server set optionvalue 60 string PXEClient


Note: When you install the infrastructure Services with the Columbus setup routine, these entries will be done by setup automatically.


* If you choose to configure PXE and DHCP to reside on separate servers, you must configure the Remote Boot service to communicate using DHCP port 67.


- From the Remote Boot manager tool, verify that the Use DHCP Port (67) option has been selected. The DHCP server must not include server option 060 if PXE and DHCP reside on separate servers.


* If you would like to set the Columbus server as the server that responds to PXE requests (dedicate), you can use theDHCP Port (66) option and give the IP address of the start server that provides PXE services (the Columbus Server's IP Address).







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