Office installation fails with MSI error 1624
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The installation of Office 2003 fails with the following error message:
MSI1624: Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid.


There might be two reasons this error can occur:

  1. The path to the transfer file is not correct or the credetials do not fit.
  2. You have opened the transfer file (*.MST) with another tool than the ORK, e.g. Notepad and have been corrupting it. 


Following you will find possible solutions to the two causes above:

  1. Check whether the supplied path is correct and the variables, if used, are resolved correctly.
    Furthermore check the credentials used to access the location of the transfer file.
  2. Please recreate the transfer file with the ORK (Microsoft Office Resource Kit).

More Information

Microsoft Office Resource Kit (ORK):


MSI, error, 1624, corrupt, ORK, Office, Resource Kit


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