HOW-TO: Silent installation for non WHQL-signed drivers
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Solution for Unattended/Silent Installs and “Would you like to install this device software” Prompt

During package creation i had problems to install a driver which was from 2006 and wasn't WHQ-signed. Trying to install the driver with DIFx (dpinst.exe) failed with the return code "-2147483648" (which has to be seen as hex 0x80010000). That means that no driver could be installed. You'll find more informationabout DIFx installation below.

After executing dpinst.exe non-silent the following dialog popped up:

The solution is quite simple. Using a VM or a system for testing, install the software and check off "Always Trust software from [Publisher]". What this does, it places a certificate in the computers local certificate store that will rid future installs from Novell of this dialogue. What we do then, is export the certificate and put it into your install script. Follow the below to conquer this problem:

  1. In your test environment, install the program fully and be sure to click 'Always trust software from [Publisher]
  2. Run certmgr.msc and navigate to Trusted Publishers then Certificates
  3. The certificate from the publisher will show up there. Right click and click All Tasks -> Export. Save the file as default type (DES).

You now have the certificate from the test environment. You need to import this to the computers being deployed to prior to the install. Simply run the following command in your install script before the program install:

Run 'certutil -addstore -f "TrustedPublisher" MyCertificate.cer' Show Waitdown Task:1
; ... Run 'dpinst.exe'

More Information

General infomation about the DIFx

DPInst return codes (must be converted to hex!)


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