HOW TO: Migrate Columbus from version 7.1/7.2 to version 7.3 or newer
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You want to upgrade your Columbus 7.1 or 7.2 server(s) to Columbus 7.3 or higher.

More Information

Please be aware of the following points if you are migrating Columbus 7.1 or 7.2 to a newer version.


  • If you use the Standard Releases of Columbus    
    • you have to make a backup of your edited Jobs, after running the setup you have to edit this Jobs in the new version.  
  • If you don't use the standard Releases of Columbus       
    • you have to follow the article AA-00697     


  • If you use CRC Checksums:   
    • You have to make a Bulk action over the whole SWDepot with the new Package Studio   


  • If you have edited the columbus.cfg       
    • You have to save it before you running the setup, after running the setup you have to replace it in this folders:           
      • Columbusshare\OSDepot\Release\jobs\Col7\Asetup\Col7      
      • C:\Program Files(x86)\Columbus\Setup\Clientgenerator\Source\ColumbusClient      
      • C:\Program Files(x86)\Columbus\Console\Rolloutfolders      
      • Columbusshare\SWDepot\00010_Columbusupdate\7.3.x\Server\Windows   
  • If you have Packages with Regperm actions, you have to download the fixed Client for 7.3.1  
  • Make a backup of your DB before running the setup  
  • Check if the License Console is working properly after running the setup:
    Start ->all programs->columbus->license service -> license console
    the licenses should all be green  
  • If you cannot login to the CMC you have to restart the server  
  • You can update the Site Server over the CMC with the infrastructure Rollout  
  • You can update the old clients over the updatepackage or the Client Rollout.


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