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Starting by December 2016,

the Patch Deployment will undergo some changes to adapt to the upcoming Endpoint Protection.
The changes are only informative for the Columbus Management Console and do not change the behavior of the patch detection in any way.

More Information

The most visible change will be the renaming of the products and service packs. This allows all entries to be sorted by Manufacturer and Product. Some Products will be split, mostly due to the fact that there is a 32- or 64-Bit version.
Others because some Products where wrapped into one (i.e. Firefox and Firefox ESR). Products which will automatically update over a Major Version, will not be separated by a ServicePack anymore (i.e. Firefox 32- and 64-Bit).
The other products will still have different ServicePacks (i.e. Adobe Acrobat or Reader, Firefox ESR).

Changes in product selection:

Changes in service pack selection:

Please note:

  • renamed products and service packs will not lose their activation (they will remain selected).
  • new products and service packs have to be selected manually in order to get the desired patches (same as before).
  • some “old” service packs will remain for a short period, to allow some patches to be set to legacy (i.e. Firefox 45)


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