Migrate Columbus 7.2.0 (or below) to latest version
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Setup issue is warning that your current version is lower than 7.3:


The Columbus 7.5.x setup does only support migration scenario from Columbus 7.3.0 or higher because for:

  • Changed license service
  • Separated PXE requests for x86 and x64
  • New object identification
  • Firebird x86/x64 engine changes


Follow these steps:

  1. Migrate from current version to latest available Columbus 7.4.1 (HF6)
  2. Check operations and files for up and running Columbus 7.4.1 infrastructure
  3. Migrate Columbus Management Client and Infrastructure to 7.4.1 too
  4. Test migrated Columbus environment
  5. Migrate only to newest available 7.x version if your 7.4.1 system is running fine

More Information

To get latest available 7.4.1 (HF6) version, please contact support staff:



C6, C7


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