Troubleshoot App-V Connection Problems using PowerShell
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You are having troubles to retrieve data from Microsoft App-V and want to solve them


More Information

  • Get Credentials to connect to App-V server (keep in mind that if you're running the Command without credentials it is using the logged in user which might end in different results
    $cred = Get-Credential

  • Greate a PowerSHell Session on the target (App-V) server
    $psSession = New-PSSession -computerName "appvserver" -Authentication Kerberos -Credential $cred

  • Run the Get-AppVServerPackage command to get a list of packages in the context above
    Invoke-Command -Session $psSession -ScriptBlock {Get-AppVServerPackage } | ft

Whenever you get a PowerShell error, examine and solve it





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