HOW TO: Troubleshoot macOS Inventory Scanner
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You are having problems with the macOS Inventory Scanner and what to find out what the problems are

More Information

the scanner has some logging parameters to display messages right on the same screen whereas the installation gets logged into a separate log file which can be shown using tail


If you are having problems during the installation

  1. open a second terminal window
  2. run the following command as root user (use sudo su -)
    tail -f /opt/ColumbusInventoryScanner/log/ColumbusInventoryScanner.log
    This will show you the live log during installation


If your installation went through without any problems you can start the scanner manually by

  1. going into the folder /opt/ColumbusInventoryScanner/bin
  2. and running the scanner as root user (use sudo su -) by the following command
    ./ColumbusInventoryScanner_Darwin_x86_64 -l10 --LogOutput
    where the log level (-l) can be set from 1 to 10


C7, LCM6,


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