• HOW TO: Add rights to another organisational model
    Summary I have two organisational models (Active directory and local users) within OM but I'm only able to select users from the Active directory model and I want to be able to select also members from the local model More Information ...
    10/21/2015 05:14:46 PM CEST
  • HOW TO: Troubleshoot Network connections
    Summary You want to test if you can get a connection to the remote service such as SDC Receiver, Columbus OTB, Mail server, etc...   Solution To test the connection run the following PowerShell command:   Test-NetConnection -Computername
    05/17/2017 07:48:00 AM CEST
  • HOW TO: Get all open tickets for a certain e-mail address via REST
    Summary You want to get a list of all OPEN tickets of a certain contact (by e-mail): More Information Informations about how to use REST in general you can find here:
    06/16/2017 08:45:58 AM CEST
  • Fehler: Das Formular 'PRODUCTVERSIONSOFTWAREDELETE' kann nicht geöffnet werden oder ist nicht lizenziert.
    Symptome Nach einer Migration von Spider LCM Version 5 auf Version 6 erhalten Sie die Fehlermeldung: Das Formular 'PRODUCTVERSIONSOFTWAREDELETE' kann nicht geöffnet werden oder ist nicht lizenziert. Ursache Bei der Migration wurde im Form...
    04/08/2013 10:52:28 AM CEST
  • HOW TO: Troubleshoot SQL Connection Problems using PowerShell
    Summary You have a problem accessing the spider database e.g. from the spider application server and want to easily troubleshoot it. More Information Using PowerShell for this purpose makes it easy to do simple connection tests, since it doe...
    09/20/2016 04:35:45 PM CEST
  • HOW TO: Get Ticket Status Update per E-Mail (Subscription)
    Summary Starting with Incident 4.0.200 it is possible to get informed by e-mail whenever the status of a ticket changes. Definition of status change: A public change that is added to the history. This is mostly the same as viewing a Ticket from t...
    12/21/2015 10:53:10 AM CET
  • HOW TO: Get the number of items per table name from the RecycleBin
    Summary Your Spider RecycleBin has been growing too much and you want to know where most of the data comes from More Information You need at least read access to the Spider databases Instructions Run the following statement against the databas...
    07/14/2017 05:52:45 PM CEST
  • Rich Text Editor: Copy & Paste of images from Outlook/Word into the rich text editor is not working
    Symptoms Copy & pasting an image directly from Outlook or Microsoft Word into the rich text editor is not working for Firefox and Chrome. An unknown image icon is displayed instead of the actual image. Cause This is due to limitations in how...
    02/09/2015 02:12:43 PM CET
  • Spider 5 not compatible with SQL Server 2014
    Symptoms Spider LCM 5 installations cannot be used together with an SQL Server 2014. If you plan to migrate your SQL server(s) you have to be aware of this fact. Cause Spider LCM 5databases are written for SQL Server 2005 and therefore requi...
    04/09/2015 08:26:55 AM CEST
  • Browser not supported when upgrading to IE11
    Symptoms After updating your Internet Explorer to version 11 (IE11) you can't access Spider LCM and you get the following error: Cause Spider LCM up to version 6.1.2 does not support Internet Explorer 11 Resolution Update your Spider...
    04/23/2015 12:21:15 PM CEST
  • HOW TO: Configure SSO for Spider LCM
    Summary Configuring Active Directory Single Sign On (SSO) allows automatig log into Spider LCM / Heat LM if a user has rights to do so   More Information Requirements:   Active Directory has to be configured and users need to be able to lo...
    04/13/2018 05:24:14 PM CEST
  • The request failed with HTTP status 405: Method not allowed
    Symptoms After a new installation of Columbus or Spider LCM you are receiving the following error: Cause Some components (.NET Extensions) are missing in the web servers installation. You can easily see this in the IIS Management Console ...
    04/18/2018 11:54:55 AM CEST
  • High CPU usage on Windows Server 2012 (R2)
    Symptoms On Windows Server 2012 (R2) running Spider LCM you experience high CPU usage. In the Windows event log you will find lots of the following entries: Cause This is caused by a new access logging feature of Microsoft Windows Server 2...
    04/22/2014 11:04:36 AM CEST
  • Error: FunctionUnitType 'Oracle Licence Scope' not found!
    Symptoms After updating Recognition you will get the following error: Cause Oracle Licence Scope has been added to Recognition and will be configured automatically on Full Update Compatibility (FUC) systems but won't on (FLEX)ible systems. ...
    05/03/2017 10:09:26 AM CEST
  • HOW TO: Reactivate an asset that has been set to archive
    Summary If you set an asset to a status which sets the asset to archive, you won't probably be able to reactivate the asset because an archived asset is not editable anymore More Information Use the Asset Import Launcher to update the status o...
    09/23/2013 07:35:06 PM CEST
  • HOW TO: Allow to search for Software having metering data
    Summary You want to search for software that has metering data but you can't find the field Metering to search for. Cause This is due to the fact that Metering is a sensitive topic and lot of companies wouldn't be happy if Metering is activate...
    04/07/2017 09:44:49 AM CEST
  • After updating Spider LCM to 6.1 Columbus/iSpiderColumbus cannot connect anymore to LCM
    Symptoms After an update of Spider LCM to version 6.1 you will get the following error when trying to do an export from Columbus to Spider Asset: Initialize connection process to : http:///ISpiderColumbus/ISpiderColumbus.asmx   ...
    10/09/2013 06:53:47 PM CEST
  • HOW TO: Import a License Reset File
    Summary Due to some circumstances the license has to be reset. This articel explains how to do this. More Information Send your most recent license file (C7_Products_Company_Date.xml) to
    08/29/2014 10:44:55 AM CEST
  • HOW TO: Add or Update a License in Columbus 7.x or Spider LCM 6.x
    Summary You got a new license file for Columbus 7.x or Spider LCM 6.x and you want to update your license More Information To update your license please follow this steps: Open the License Console (Start > All Programs > Columbus | Spid...
    12/05/2014 03:41:33 PM CET
  • HOW TO: Activate your Columbus 7.x or Spider LCM 6.x license
    Summary You have been installing Columbus 7.x or Spider LCM 6.x and your License Console tells you to activate your license or you get an e-mail from the Columbus server that you should activate your license.   More Information To activate you...
    04/13/2018 05:02:43 PM CEST
  • HOW TO: Troubleshoot Active Directory Connection Problems using PowerShell
    Summary You are having troubles to retrieve data from your vCenter and want to solve them More Information Check if the required Ad Domain Services are installed Get-WindowsFeature -Name AD-Domain-Services Enter the Credentials you want t...
    05/10/2017 01:34:34 PM CEST
  • Problems with Employee synchronisation
    Symptoms The XObjectHistory table in the Spider Core database gets filled with lots of data Cause The EmployeeParameterMapping for any key has been filled with FullName. This is not allowed since FullName is a calculated field and the Core s...
    12/22/2015 05:50:06 PM CET
  • Installing Spider Software Recognition on Japanese Systems fails
    Symptoms If you are installing Spider Software Recognition on a Japanese Machine it will fail if the language for non-Unicode programs is set to Japanese Cause Due to different handling of unicode files the BOM of a file is handled as string...
    03/24/2016 12:18:51 PM CET
  • HOW TO: Troubleshoot vCenter Connection Problems using PowerCLI
    Summary You are having troubles to retrieve data from your vCenter and want to solve them More Information Check whether VMWare vCenter PowerCLI is installed and working Check the version of the PowerCLI. It should not be lower than th...
    09/20/2016 04:36:46 PM CEST
  • Troubleshooting Spider Software Recognition upload
    Symptoms You are getting informed that your data hasn't been arriving in the Spider Recognition Center for a certain time Cause Due to some circumstances the Recognition Upload refuses to do its service. Possible reasons are: COMPLETE.FLG fil...
    07/18/2017 10:39:59 AM CEST

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