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  • Error installing Remotely Anywhere onto a Citrix Xenapp 6.x environment
    Symptoms You try to install Remotely Anywhere onto a server where Citrix Xenapp 6.x is installed and you will get errors that files like LMIGuardianEvt.dll cannot be copied. Cause This is due to Remotely Anywhere is not supported on XenApp ...
    05/22/2015 01:58:24 PM CEST
  • HOW TO: Use certificates in Remotely Anywhere using Columbus
    Summary Many modern browsers complain or refuses access to web pages that are not secure or have insecure certificates. For this case you have to add a proper certificate to your Remotely Anywhere installation. This HOW TO will explain the steps ...
    12/12/2017 02:23:56 PM CET
  • HOW TO: Convert a PFX certificate into PEM format
    Summary In certain cases you need a certificate rather in PEM format than in PFX format More Information This HOW TO explains how to easily convert your certificate from PFX to PEM format using openssl Instructions Follow these steps: Downl...
    07/06/2017 11:06:11 AM CEST
  • Using Certificates in Remotely Anywhere
    Summary In certain environments it is required to tighten security by using SSL. In this case it is neccessary to work with certificates. This howto explains the step by step instructions how to implement certificates in Remotely Anywhere NOTICE...
    07/06/2017 12:09:29 PM CEST
  • HOW TO: Activate and set SNMP strings on ESXi 5.x
    Summary You want to get some more information from ESXi systems using the Columbus Network Scanner More Information Log on to the ESXi console either locally or by using an SSH utility. Enter the following commands  esxcli system snmp...
    04/24/2014 09:57:59 AM CEST
  • HOW TO: Copy a VM from an ESXI host to another
    Summary You want to copy or move VMs directly from one ESXi host to another More Information Make sure the VM has been shut down Log into Putty of the source host (e.g. esx-p-be004) Use the following command to copy a VM from one host ...
    09/20/2015 07:19:54 PM CEST
  • HOW TO: Install ESXi Embedded Host Client
    Summary You want to install the Embedded Host Client (ESXi Web UI) onto a standalone Free ESXi   More Information To install the EHC please follow these steps:   Update your ESXi to the most recent version (at least 6.0 U2)   see related ...
    04/04/2018 10:06:33 AM CEST

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